Varisians are nomadic humans of Varisia who are known for their iconic caravans that journey across Avistan, although a sizable minority of Varisians also dwell in permanent settlements or districts of larger cities. Varisians are often thought of as frivolous entertainers, scoundrels, or worse, due to the poor reputation of criminal Sczarni gangs among the Chelish majority of Varisia. Despite such prejudices, most Varisians are loyal to family and friends, and embrace their rich culture and history.

Names: Varisian names are often multisyllabic and musical, often containing "sh" and "z" sounds and ending with a vowel. Varisians have a given name and a family name, but often go by a nickname among close friends and family, or a false name to avoid an unwanted reputation.

Common Female Names: Agustianna, Czigana, Euzenia, Malena, Talabretha.

Common Male Names: Bavolio, Casamen, Eleuterio, Garridan, Kostin, Zacarias.

Common Family Names: Abbarrio, Bolmosa, Callinova, Cazynsik, Endronil, Frallino, Giuleppeschi, Imoroa, Korvaski, Lilparino, Magravi, Mavashti, Noulaski, Omoroi, Palasseri, Roiat, Sapaulo, Teskarova, Vishki, Vitteri, Zimantiu.

Sayings: Varisians use colorful phrases that often imply more than they state.

Harrow Chosen: All your life you’ve been drawn to the mysteries surrounding your family’s harrow deck. You begin play with your family’s heirloom harrow deck. If you use this specific harrow deck as an additional focus component when you cast a divination spell, your caster level is treated as being 2 levels higher. In addition, twice per week, you can spend 10 minutes consulting this harrow deck on a particular action to gain the effects of the spell augury as a spellcaster of your character level. No one other than you gains these benefits from this harrow deck. If your harrow deck is destroyed, it cannot be replaced. However, by returning to your family, paying 300 gp worth of materials, and spending 1 week immersed in the songs and stories of your people, you can create a new harrow deck that grants half the benefits of the lost heirloom.

Practiced Gambler: Your upbringing around the Sczarni has exposed you to games with cards and dice. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff and Sleight of Hand checks; for the purpose of gambling, these bonuses increase by 1.

Varisian Tattoo: You bear the elaborate tattoos of your people that mark you as a free child of the road. You gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against charm and compulsion effects. You are also proficient with bladed scarves and starknives.


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