Sandpoint is a small coastal town in southern Varisia approximately 50 miles along the Lost Coast Road from Magnimar, the nearest city and its patron. Founded about 50 years ago in 4667 AR, the town has seen rapid economic and population growth as a natural wayrest for travel to and from Magnimar, and due to its famous glassworks.


In 4667 AR, four powerful Magnimarian families founded the Sandpoint Mercantile League to colonize a chartered area of the Varisian wilderness. However, the area was already a traditional place for Varisians to spend the winter.

During the negotiations about the town, Alamon Scarnetti and his family raided the Varisian camp, intending to murder them and implicate the local goblins. The drunk and overconfident Scarnettis killed five Varisians before they fled, leaving behind three of their own. In the following ransom and talks, the Varisians were promised an important role in the new town.

An integral part of this agreement was that Desna would be represented in the town's chapel, and that a generous share of the Mercantile League's profits would be given to the Varisians for 50 years. In 4717, this contract will end.

The Late Unpleasantness. In Lamashan of 4702 AR, the serial killer Chopper claimed 24 victims over the course of the month. Its

Atsui Kaijitsu, wife of Lonjiku Kaijitsu, also died of mysterious causes.


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